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Beginning 8/1/15, I reserve the right to answer questions without character illustrations as a way to save time and space.

5/29/13 - Creator: Where did the idea for Maxie's personality come from?
5/29/13 - Creator: When making the House Cup, why did you stick with the Harry Potter name scheme?
5/29/13 - Yaga/Sakrua: Made any new friends?
5/29/13 - Rorschach/Yaga: How do you think flying would be for Tyton?
5/23/13 - Rorschach: Would you ever dress up your Pockies?
5/23/13 - Creator: So how did you come up with the idea for the House Cup anyway?
5/23/13 - Creator: How would you have handled Jasmine evolving and becoming two Pokemon?
5/23/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: If you could go on your own Pokemon adventure, which region and starter would you choose?
5/23/13 - Tyton: How come there aren't many vehicles anywhere?
5/22/13 - Chester: You do know that swag wouldn't exist if you didn't have a soul because your soul is what's creating it, right?
5/22/13 - Professor Oak: Did you ever imagine when you gave Ash his Pikachu that his adventures would lead to all these changes to the world?
5/22/13 - Rorschach: Can you do some magic tricks?
5/22/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/Chester: What does it feel like to evolve?
5/22/13 - Tyton: What will happen to Pokemon of trainers who die on their journey?
5/22/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: How do you learn new moves, and how do you know you've learned them?
5/7/13 - Chester: You do realize you're a ginger, right? Maybe we should start calling you "Soulless Swag".
5/7/13 - Author: Why do you never use colors? I mean, I'm fine with greyscale but I'm just curious.
5/5/13 - Rorschach: Do you believe in magic?
5/5/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: How exactly do you forget certain moves?
4/16/13 - Gerald: I never understood the meaning of Latino? Shouldn't it be Hispanic?
4/15/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: So what does it feel like to level up?
4/14/13 - Marston: Is there anyone on the team besides Ashlyn that you don't completely despise?
4/13/13 - Creator: Jasmine died, but if she had survived, how would you have handled her evolution?
4/13/13 - Wally's Ralts: I was curious what your name is and what you think of Wally as a trainer.
4/12/13 - Marston: Do you like me?
4/11/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/Sakura/Gordon:Are there any species you look up to?
4/10/13 - Creator: Are you planning to keep the save file with your team somewhere or would you create a new game without a second thought?
4/10/13 - Gerald:It's no secret that you're a hot-blooded Latino, but I was curious about where exactly your family came from.
4/9/13 - Creator: How do you make your custom pages?
4/9/13 - Tyton: Did the trainers that had captured hundres of Pokemon before the new rules receive any sort of punishment?
4/9/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: What would you want your last words to be?
4/2/13 - Tyton: So how long did the whole process of removing the reviver machines and setting up the new rules for trainers take?
3/21/13 - Creator: Which one of the contest submissions looks the most like you?
3/21/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which teammate would you bring with you?
3/17/13 - DJ: So how's it feel being officially coined as the team pet?
3/17/13 - DJ: Would you like to met my Whismur "Banshee"?
3/17/13 - The Poochyena that chased Birch: Mind if I ask why you were chasing him?
3/17/13 - Tyton: Did the P.A. do anything to rental Pokemon?
3/16/13 - Gordon: What's it like inside the Box?
3/16/13 - Gerald: Is there a part of your family that's Mexican?
3/16/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/Sakura/Gordon:What is your favorite Berry?
3/15/13 - Rorschach: You clearly fly, yet you are not Flying-type. Any ideas why that is?
3/14/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: How are you getting these questions, anyways?
3/13/13 - Marston: I was wondering if you would consider giving Firefly a chance.
3/8/13 - Scott: So when you're not stalking children, what do you do with your free time?
3/7/13 - Creator: Do you have any regrets on your comic?
3/7/13 - Rorschach: Don't you think your Pockies will need little friends, too?
3/6/13 - Rorschach: Consider the following: Pocket Pegasi.
3/6/13 - Marston: As a fan of Westerns, have you seen The Magnificent Seven?
3/5/13 - Marston: Why are you so lonely?
3/5/13 - Tyton: How much longer are you planning to leave Sakur and Yaga in the Day Care?
2/28/13 - Tyton: At the start of your journey you were pretty uptight about your itme limit, but you seem much more relaxed now. Why is that?
2/28/13 - Creator: On page five we can clearly see that your name is Joshua Sloan. Does that worry you at all?
2/27/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach: How old are you?
2/27/13 - Haunshaul/DJ/Marston/Ashlyn: How do you feel about being the mascot of a Hogwarts house?
2/27/13 - DJ: So what part are you at in your Red Version game on the Pokedex, and what is your current team?
2/27/13 - Creator: Mind going into detail of how characters were meant to be and how they ended up being?
2/26/13 - Rorschach: Hey! How are the Pockies I sent ya doin'?
2/26/13 - Gerald: What do you think of evolving into a Ludicolo?
2/25/13 - Rorschach: Have you considered what the Pocket Ponies would wear in the winter?
2/25/13 - DJ: Why doesn't Tyton train you by sending you out but switching you right after?
2/25/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/May: If you came across an evil mask that promised absolute power, what would you do?
2/25/13 - Marston: When did you start smoking?
2/24/13 - Tyton: Why do you not like Spindas?
2/24/13 - Haunshaul: Have you ever considered writing a novel about your adventures?
2/24/13 - Wally: Where have you been this whole time?
2/23/13 - May: Is your dad aware of that hacking system you have?
2/23/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: Do you know how to dance?
2/22/13 - Creator: Why you no like Spinda?
2/22/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/Sakura/May/Archie: If you gained the ability to travel through time, how would you use it?
2/13/13 - Rorschach: If Tyton ever gets you the Hyper Beam TM, will you combine it with your laser face to make a super awesome laser face blast?
2/13/13 - Marston: Some time ago there was a movie that combined the western setting with sci-fi. Would something like that interest you?
2/12/13 - Chester: I have a Swellow that has way more swag than you. What do you say about that?
2/12/13 - Rorschach: What would happen if pocket ponies stopped existing?
2/12/13 - Tyton: How do TMs affect Pokemon badly?
2/12/13 - Chester: When you evolve into a Bellossom, will you still be full of swag?
2/11/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/DJ: Is the P.A. really protecting the remaining Pokemon?
2/5/13 - Rorschach: Darn, I missed the comic's one-year anniversary. Oh well, HAVE A DOZEN POCKIEZ!!
2/5/13 - Tyton: Have you ever considered using a Master Ball to catch a Legendary as a fail-safe?
2/5/13 - Author: What other games/franchises are you interested in?
2/5/13 - Tyton: Did you know Rorschach has been pulling on your nose every night you're asleep to make it longer?
2/5/13 - Author: I am on a journey, but I am lost on my way to deliver the letter to Steven. What should I do?
2/5/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/Sakura/Author: What if I told you Pokemon don't die on my journeys?
2/4/13 - Author: Which character is currently your favorite?
2/4/13 - Marston: What is your favorite Western movie or show?
2/4/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/Sakura: Anything you want to say to your friends back home?
1/30/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn/Yaga/Sakura: If you were a mad scientist, what is the first thing you would make?
1/29/13 - Rorschach: If I gave you twelve pocket ponies right now, what would you name them?
1/27/13 - Rorschach: When this journey is over and done, will you show off your awesome Dustoxness to your siblings?
1/27/13 - Chester: What happens if I eat your berries?
1/27/13 - Tyton: Was the ban on Revives brought on by PETA or another similar organization?
1/27/13 - Haunshaul: Are you gay?
1/27/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Author: I'm doing another Pokemon journey in Hoenn, can you give me some tips?
1/26/13 - Rorschach: Would you rather learn Hyper Beam or have twelve pocket ponies?
1/26/13 - DJ: Do you like being the weakest of the team?
1/25/13 - Chester: Are the berries on your head tasty?
1/25/13 - Haunshaul: Hey Haun, you seem awesome as a Marshtomp, wanna battle my Linoone?
1/25/13 - Tyton: What six Pokemon would you have on your final team before the Elite Four?
1/24/13 - Tyton: So where did those revives go, exactly?
1/21/13 - Chester: Why are you all "Swag" and "yolo"?
1/21/13 - Gerald: What are your best snowy chat-up lines?
1/13/13 - Yaga: Isn't it kinda weird that you can't see all of the breeding that happens in the background?
1/11/13 - Rorschach: Are you aware that since Pokemon are "Pocket Monsters" and Ponyta is a pony, pocket ponies exist?
1/11/13 - Chester: What would you do if you lost your swag?
1/11/13 - Yaga: I bet you are a decent level by now. What moves are you currently trying to learn?
1/11/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Have you ever met a shiny Pokemon?
1/11/13 - Tyton: Has anyone figured out why some Pokemon are shiny?
1/11/13 - Rorschach: Do you want to be a ninja?
1/11/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Have you ever considered a seance to talk to Blu?
1/9/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: When are your birthdays?
1/9/13 - Tyton: Can anyone understand Pokemon or is it just you?
1/9/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: If the apocalypse set in, what would be your first course of action?
1/9/13 - Tyton: So what did you and Wattson talk about?
1/9/13 - Tyton: So if Pokemon aren't used for food, then where does the meat for burgers and steaks come from?
1/9/13 - Tyton: So why did you choose a Mudkip?
1/9/13 - Rorschach: So what was "It's Okay That You Were Never a Wurmple, Rorschach--Don't Let Them Get to You" Day like?
1/9/13 - Tyton: So whatever happened to Ash after his journey, or is he still going on adventures and documenting them?
1/9/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura/Ashlyn/May: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
1/7/13 - Author: Seeing as you and Gigi are such good friends, I can't help but ask how you guys met.
1/7/13 - Author: How far ahead in pages are you generally?
1/7/13 - Tyton: What would you say your favorite Pokemon type is?
1/7/13 - Tyton: How can some people touch Pokemon that should not be touched without being hurt?
1/7/13 - Rorschach: What was your mom like?
1/7/13 - May: What is a typical day in your life right now?
1/7/13 - May: Have you had any Pokemon die on your team?
1/7/13 - May: So what kind of team do you have?
1/7/13 - Archie: Are you aware that there is a ticked-off Whismur out for your head?
1/6/13 - DJ: What are your thoughts on Chester and his "swag"?
1/6/13 - Tyton: So how many of the team members can actually read?
1/6/13 - Rorschach: Are you house-broken?
1/6/13 - Tyton: What Pokemon are the most popular pets? What Pokemon don't make very good pets?
1/6/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Who are your favorite and least favorite members of the team?
1/6/13 - Rorschach: So what would you do with a pocket pony?
1/6/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: If you had to fight using weapons, what kind would you use?
1/6/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: What would be your superhero name and powers?
1/5/13 - Birch: Now that Tyton and May are gone, what exactly do you do all day?
1/5/13 - Yaga: Will you be unboxed anytime soon?
1/5/13 - Marston: You really hate these questions, don't you?
1/5/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston: Who would you want to bring back and why?
1/5/13 - Rorschach: What does this ink blot look like to you?
1/5/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Ashlyn: What do you see yourselves doing if you defeat the league?
1/4/13 - Marston: What kinds of activities do you enjoy?
1/4/13 - Tyton: Being on the road so much with streams not always being available, how do you bathe?
1/4/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Are there any fields of study you like?
1/4/13 - Tyton: So what all does a Pokemon center have in terms of services? Also, are there televisions?
1/4/13 - Tyton: How do TMs and HMs work?
1/4/13 - Tyton: What happened to all the prize money?
1/4/13 - Tyton: Besides play games and record data, what else can the Pokedex do?
1/4/13 - Tyton: So do different regions have different languages or dialects?
1/4/13 - Marston/Ashlyn: How did you two meet? And how long have you two known each other?
1/4/13 - Author/Tyton: Do you liek Mudkipz?
1/4/13 - DJ: Did you know there's a song titled with your name?
1/4/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Favorite types of music?
1/4/13 - Tyton: Are some Pokemon used as food?
1/4/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Are there any legends that terrify you?
1/4/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: What is your greatest fear?
1/3/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: Favorite flavor of ice cream?
1/3/13 - Author: Who is currently winning the "Annoy Haunshaul With a Ton of Questions" game?
1/3/13 - Tyton: If you were forced to pick a side, which would make more sense to you: Team Aqua or Team Magma?
1/3/13 - Tyton: You have a backpack that has Hammerspace within it. What kind of stuff besides your scooter do you keep in it?
1/3/13 - Author: Have you ever played Moemon?
1/3/13 - Author: Let's just say Pokemon didn't exist. Your monster-catching game of choice?
1/3/13 - Author: Nuzlocke recommendation list?
1/3/13 - Tyton: So what's the education system like?
1/3/13 - Rorschach: Do you like pocky?
1/3/13 - Tyton: How do you feel about certain Pokemon being called "useless"?
1/3/13 - Tyton: Are there any Pokemon you are hoping DON'T join the team?
1/3/13 - Tyton: Why don't you have any irises?
1/3/13 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: What movie/book genres do you prefer?
1/3/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura: What's it like inside a Poke Ball?
1/3/13 - Tyton: What kind of punishment awaits those who catch more than one Pokemon per area?
1/2/13 - Marston/Ashlyn: If you could be any Pokemon other than what you are, what would it be?
1/2/13 - DJ: What kinds of games do you play on Tyton's Pokedex?
1/2/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura/Ashlyn/Author: If you were human, what job/profession would you want?
1/2/13 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston/Yaga/Sakura/Ashlyn: How would you feel if you woke up one day and were human?
1/2/13 - Rorschach: If you could have and wear any hat, what would it be?
1/2/13 - Tyton: Do you know anything about a trainer named Gigi?
1/1/13 - Tyton: What is your opinion on legendary Pokemon?
1/1/13 - Author: What can people do with the points you give them?
1/1/13 - Gerald: How did you get those sunglasses?
1/1/13 - Marston: How do you feel that you didn't get a chance to fight for your freedom?
1/1/13 - Tyton: Let's assume you could grab any legendary you want. Which one would you catch?
1/1/13 - Tyton: Ever heard of MissingNo.? Do you believe it's real or just a huge rumor?

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12/31/12 - Author: Since the title says "Emerald Edition", can we readers assume that Tyton's journeys will extend to other lands?
12/31/12 - Author: Any plans to follow the Nuzlocke tradition of Ginjinkas?
12/31/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston: So, do Pokemon have their own holidays outside of the ones humans celebrate?
12/30/12 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston: Are there any gyms you're looking forward to facing? If so, why?
12/30/12 - Tyton: What was it like where you lived before coming to Hoenn?
12/30/12 - Tyton: I'm surprised no one has asked this yet, but what is your favorite Pokemon?
12/30/12 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston: You run into a trio of psychotic Pokemon. What do you do?
12/29/12 - Chester: How do you plan to make sure you always have the most swag on the team?
12/29/12 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston: If given the chance, who would you cosplay as (if at all)?
12/26/12 - Rorschach: Do you plan on stealing Marston's hat as a joke?
12/26/12 - Marston: Where exactly did you get your hat?
12/25/12 - Gerald: Do you plan on adding anything else to your look to get the senoritas? Like maybe a leather jacket?
12/25/12 - Tyton: So why exactly do trainers give you money after you kill their Pokemon?
12/25/12 - May: Why do you have the build of a man?
12/24/12 - Tyton/Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Marston: Generally what do you guys eat on your journey?
12/19/12 - Author: Twenty fun facts about this run?
12/19/12 - Author: How'd you come up with the names for your characters?
12/18/12 - Author: What do you think you will try next to improve the comic?
12/18/12 - Tyton: How do you feel about the idea that sooner or later you will be flying and surfing everywhere?
12/18/12 - Yaga: How do you feel about having no feet?
12/18/12 - Author: Do you even worry about Tyton's nose anymore?
12/17/12 - Author: How far in advance do you know what personality you're going to give the Pokemon in your comic?
12/11/12 - Yaga: What do you think the world looks like?
12/11/12 - Yaga: What do you think it'll be like as a Crobat?
12/11/12 - Chester: Seeing that you have a chance to evolve into one of the girliest Pokemon, how does that make you feel?
12/8/12 - Author: Have you already figured out how to draw future characters in your comic?
12/8/12 - Tyton: What is one Pokemon you really hope to catch on your journey?
12/8/12 - Yaga: How do you feel about someday getting eyes?
12/8/12 - Haunshaul: Is there anyone on the team besides Chester that you just want to slap sometimes?
12/8/12 - Chester: What do you want to evolve into, Vileplume or Bellossom?
12/7/12 - Tyton/Haunshaul: How would you react if you were stuck in a time loop and were the only ones who retained their memories?
12/7/12 - Tyton: Are there any Pokemon you wish you had joined up with?
12/7/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Yaga/Sakura: What's the first thing you would do if you had your own personal Mecha?
12/7/12 - Tyton: What happens to the Poke Balls of your fallen comrades?
12/6/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Yaga/Sakura: If Tyton were a Pokemon, what would he be?
12/5/12 - Tyton: Do you have any plans to take care of Jasmine's orchard?
12/4/12 - Gerald: Are Ludicolo always round, or do some have a more human shape to them?
12/4/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Yaga/Sakura: If you could be any Pokemon other than what you are or will evolve into, what would you be?
12/4/12 - Tyton: What starters would you have chosen if you lived in the other regions?
12/4/12 - Author: Does it bug you that when you catch a Pokemon it's stuck in whatever ball you use?
12/4/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Chester/Yaga: What do you guys do during your free time?
12/4/12 - Author: Any real reason why you chose Emerald for your Nuzlocke?
11/1/12 - Chester: Want these sunglasses? They fit your new looks as a Gloom.
10/7/12 - Author: Are you going to add Hamlet and Chester's answers to "What was life like before Tyton caught you?"?
10/2/12 - Tyton: Who was your first crush, and who is your current if she's not the same one?
9/8/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Yaga/Hamlet/Sakura: Do you have any family? How'd you feel leaving them?
9/7/12 - May: Why?
8/23/12 - Tyton: What's up with your nose? I noticed it keeps growing....
8/21/12 - Gerald: Why the sunglasses?
8/21/12 - Tyton: 'Dem Poochyenas.
8/21/12 - Rorschach: WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?
8/21/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Yaga: What do you think of the names you were given?
8/17/12 - Haunshaul/Gerald/Rorschach/DJ/Yaga: If you could learn ANY move you don't currently know, what would you choose?
8/16/12 - Author: Are you gonna add Yaga and Sakura's answers to "What was life like before Tyton caught you?"?
7/31/12 - Tyton: Your hat sure is fancy. Where did you get one?
7/20/12 - Haunshaul: How does it feel walking on two legs?
7/20/12 - Rorschach: Was it weird that you could suddenly fly after your evolution?
7/17/12 - Rorschach: Where on earth did you lose Tackle, String Shot, and Poison Sting?
7/15/12 - DJ: Are you okay with evolving into those mean, crazy Pokemon (Loudred and Exploud)?
6/11/12 - DJ: Are you okay with Ty calling you DJ? Aren't you a girl?
6/11/12 - Jasmine: Do you find it weird that you might become two Pokemon when you evolve?
6/11/12 - Rorschach: How did you train? Did you harden your foes to death?!
6/11/12 - Gerald: How are you coping with Blu's Death?
6/11/12 - Erin: Despite being intimidating, is evolving into a powerful team member a good trade-off?
6/11/12 - Haunshaul: Was the battle with Treecko personal?
6/7/12 - Tyton: Do you HAVE to be so cynical about everything?
6/7/12 - Haunshaul/Erin/Gerald/Rorschach/Jasmine/DJ: What was life like before Tyton caught you?
5/24/12 - Tyton: What inspired you to go on a Pokemon journey?

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