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June 25th, 2013, 6:31 pm

An Important Announcement/Mewsletter #8 - 6/24/13

Here's the quick update:

COMIC: Buffer is dying, will explain in a second.

HOGWARTS: Thanks for the submissions, guys! They'll be posted soon. In the mean time, this week's Contest is TV Team. Incorporate the team into a TV show somehow, or make up your own show about them.

Here's the extended update:

I assume by now you guys have noticed that I've been less active around the site, and it's only fair that I tell it to you straight.

Things are looking grim on my end.

My primary laptop has some sort of short in the circuitry and can't stay on while plugged in for more than like five or ten minutes without shutting off. This wouldn't be a huge deal if it had a decent battery life, but it only holds like a 40-minute charge. That's why I don't comment much, and why the other pages around the site take forever to update. I'm using my parents' laptop right now, but the keyboard on it sucks and I have to share it with my mom, who wants to check Facebook every ten minutes so I can't get a nice work groove going.

My tablet laptop (it's an old touch-screen with a stylus) is not playing nice, either. It was having a similar issue with shorting out, and seems to only work as long as it's plugged in and the batteries are removed. So while it's significantly lighter, it dies if I hit the cord wrong. Also, the programs seems to stop responding randomly, and take several minutes to recover. This is pretty frequent, which means work is slow.

Also, I've been having a lot of difficulty getting in the same mindset I used to be in for the comic. I know where I want the story to go, but I am having a really, really tough time making it go there. A lot of it has to do with the frustration of my computers making me not want to work on the comic very much, and I'd be lying if I said that a part of me just doesn't enjoy working on the comic right now, technology issues aside. But I also just have a hard time focusing on anything. I'm already getting tired of playing Minecraft, which I got less than two weeks ago. I just... I can't focus, and I don't feel like anything I've been doing recently has been productive or enjoyable. It's bad for me, it's bad for the comic, it's bad for you.

I'm not stopping the comic. It would be a waste of a lot of time and effort if I did. I'll try and keep the daily updates going as long as I can, but I have a feeling that things might need to change. I'll be getting a new laptop soonish, which will hopefully be one of the new Surface tablets that means I can replace my dying tablet as well. But I don't know when that will happen or how well it will actually pan out. So, while I can confirm that you will still see Ty's journey through the rest of Hoenn, things might need to change.

I haven't decided what the changes are yet. Right now, anything is a target, as long as in the long run it will allow for a better comic and preserve my sanity. I might stop daily updates for a while. I might go on hiatus for a few weeks or a month. I'm thinking I'll probably shut down the Hogwarts House Cup after this quarter and wait till I'm in a better place to resurrect it, complete with all the updates I haven't gotten around to yet.

I'll let you guys know what's up when I get it figured out. Until then, expect things to go along like they always have, which is daily updates and a slight delay on every other part of the site. I'm sorry if it comes to drastic measures.

Thanks to everyone for reading. Hope I don't let you down.


Zelkova, June 25th, 2013, 6:56 pm

551 (plus some) isn't a bad track record. Lets assume it only took 5 mins per page (which we know isn't true) and lets also ignore all of the bonus stuff and commenting that you done just for this comic.

551 times 5 mins would be 46 hours, easily over two days of none stop comic drawing and that assuming it only took 5 mins per page. A hour per page would be 23 days of none stop comic drawing, almost a month worth.

Taking a month off may do you some good and it would be understandable to refresh yourself.

Lockman, June 25th, 2013, 8:14 pm

Oh no... this isn't some new form of cyber-attack from the Cycle, is it?

Pokemontrainergigi, June 25th, 2013, 8:30 pm

I know how hard it is to keep a daily update schedule. I don't know how you've managed with no slips so far so go ahead and take a break, you deserve it! :D

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