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July 16th, 2013, 12:49 pm

Part 21 COMPLETE/Important Notice

Hey guys.

As you can see, the final page of the chapter went up today. Now, this would normally be the time where I say that I'm really looking forward to the next chapter and that it'll start tomorrow and to keep reading, but this time's a bit different.

First of all, I just want to say that I would consider this one of the weakest chapters in the comic. I was working with basically no buffer and didn't have a good way to bridge the last chapter to the battle on Mount Chimney, so you get this sort of bland epilogue to the intensity of Part 20. Sorry. I promise, though, the next chapter will be like a Buster Bluth party with juice--off the hoooooooook.

There's another reason this post is different, too.

Tomorrow, for the first time since February 7th, 2012, there will not be a page posted.

This is not a decision I made lightly. I really wish that I didn't have to do it, but I do. Since around Part 18 or Part 19, my will to continue the comic has been slowly dwindling. Classes took their toll on my energy levels, my technology started hating me, and I began diving back into other hobbies (such as obsessive achievement-hunting on Xbox). I'm not going to claim that I was out writing the next Great American Novel (that's still a few years away ;D), because the truth is I don't have a good reason for not keeping up on the comic. Really, what it comes down to is a lack of motivation.

It's hard to be inspired to do something when you don't feel like the gain is worth the effort, and for a while now I've been feeling that way about the comic. Part of that is due to my impatience for success and approval, part of it is because I don't feel my comic abilities can live up to my expectations of what I want the comic to look like, and part of it, as shallow as it sounds, is that I've been working at this for nearly a year and a half and have only just now hit 150 fans. Don't get me wrong--every fan means a lot to me, and I love every comment and piece of fan art I receive. But on my scale, it seems a little uneven, the time and effort in relation to the number of SJ fans, especially compared to other comics out there.

I will also grant a portion of this feeling to my extrapolation of it to every thing I do--that is, I feel that all my attempts at displaying any sort of talent or positive characteristic fall flat, and I'm getting tired of it. A lot of times it seems like there's some sort of screen that hides me from most of the world, and even though I try harder than a significant portion of people out there--be it in writing, drawing, making videos, relationships--I go virtually unnoticed, while others who give less effort seem to reap the social rewards of minimal effort. It's really bizarre and annoying, and it really brings me down, especially when the disappointments are back to back and in every arena imaginable.

I'm sorry to bring you guys to the darker side of my mind, but that's where I'm at with the comic (and to an extent my life) right now, and I don't want to make it out to be anything more or less than what it actually is.

That being said, I recognize the fact that this isn't how I should be feeling, and that it's pretty immature. I freely acknowledge that, and you're welcome to berate me for it. But the fact that I recognize this as an issue is why I'm not going to throw a hissy fit and say I'm done with the comic forever.

Because I'm not.

I'm going to take a sanity vacation for a bit, get away from my one remaining responsibility and just enjoy life. I've got books to read, games to play, long-overdue conversations to have with former classmates, tummy fat to burn, and maybe even a couple stories to write. The point is, I'm putting the comic on the back-burner for a while to prevent getting to the point where I actually become physically ill thinking about drawing another page.

Like I said, don't take this as meaning I'm finished with the comic. In fact, I'm so far from finishing it, I can't really picture a time when I'm not still working on it. That being said, Part 22 will begin on September 1st, 2013. That gives me a month and a half away from all the stresses the comic entails. I'll probably spend three weeks or so not thinking about the comic at all, then spend the majority of August preparing a buffer so that this sort of hiatus doesn't occur for a long while. So, really, just think of this as the break between seasons one and two of The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition.

And, before you ask in the comments--there's a good chance the comic will still update daily when it returns, but I'll make a final decision on that later.

In addition to shutting the actual comic down for a bit, most of the additional pages on the site will cease to update for a while as well. The summer vacation update schedule will look something like this:

News: Will update "The End is Nigh" series as more information on Generation VI is announced. Other sporadic updates may appear.
Characters: No updates during the hiatus.
Bonus Material: No updates during the hiatus.
Questions: Questions asked prior to today (7/16/13) may be answered, but unlikely. No questions asked after today will be answered during the hiatus.
Fan Art: Will be updated as submissions are received.
Hogwarts: Due to a complete falling apart on my end and progressively less participation from students (this is in no way a criticism), the Hogwarts page will remain inactive until a complete overhaul of the system can be enacted to ensure less strenuous work on my part and more interactive participation on the part of the students.
Blog: Will update as posts are written, though there is no schedule to the posts.

So, that's about the gist of it. Again, I'm really sorry to do this to you, but you have absolutely no idea how much this was weighing on me. I'm excited to get away from it for a while so that when I come back, I'm even more enthused to continue Ty's journey.

Additionally, if you for some reason can't get enough of my antics, I've got a whole bunch of ways you can keep up with me:

I started a YouTube channel for Let's Play videos this week: LetsPlayHaun. At the time of this post, three 30-ish-minute episodes of "Let's Play Alice: Madness Returns" are online. Episodes have no real schedule, but will tend to be multiple times a week once August rolls around (I record when my parents are at work to eliminate background noise, but they're on vacation for most of this month).

In addition to the new YouTube channel, I'm on Twitter, DeviantArt, Skype, and Xbox Live as Haunshaul. Feel free to message/add me on any of those platforms, just make sure you tell me who you are so I don't delete you on accident. So rest assured, I'm not dead and will be pretty active in the months to come--just not here for a while.

I sincerely thank you for bearing with me over the last few weeks while I've deteriorated into insanity, and I appreciate you sticking with the comic up to now. I hope you'll be here when the comic returns.

See you soon.

P.S. This is the point most of you realize that pages 410 to 572 all took place on the same day. Go ahead, you can check. I'll wait.


Guest, July 16th, 2013, 1:22 pm

Have fun doing your stuff.

Just so you know, I have followed this comic since page... 49. Yup, that's the one. I just never bothered to make Smackjeeves-account, because I don't have much use to it. But I have checked here daily. It's like my daily tradition. But I suppose I can stand not getting daily dose of Nuzlocke.

btw, subbed your Youtube-channel. Others, not so much because I don't have any of those. What an odd world.

See ya on September.

With love (no homo),

A fan.

iBeebs, July 16th, 2013, 2:52 pm

I had a feeling this was coming, since you've mentioned your lack of motivation for the comic before.
Well, that's fine. Take your time "vacationing." We'll all be waiting until you can easily pop back onto your feet. C:
We're a patient group.
...*coughcough* Right, guys? *coughcough*

I'll be honest, I'll miss reading the comic pages everyday. I actually got my step-sisters hooked on this comic because they spied my reading it on my phone when I missed a week of updates.
This was always one of the first things I looked at in the mornings, but I'll be fine without it for a while.

Yup! So take your mind off of this for a while and just set everything else straight. We'll be here when you're ready to start this back up!

Barn0wl, July 17th, 2013, 2:26 am

We all need a break from time to time. Even from things we love to do. And creative endeavors can be VERY draining.

I'll be watching for your return. Just so's you know ... re: the SJ followers you have - "The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition" is the reason I have an account on SJ. ;)

So, have a good vacation. Play around & recharge your batteries. Your fans will be here when you get back. Hopefully you'll gain some new ones along the way. In the meantime, it's a good chance for us to go through the comic again and enjoy it all over again. (I reread books that I love ... multiple times.)

Laufente, July 17th, 2013, 12:57 pm

I think it's only natural, immature or not, to feel like that, with all the work you put into this comic :(
I do wonder why you don't have many more fans by now, the storytelling and characters are awesome and the art style is appealing (to me a least :P) and unique.
Maybe the sheer amount of pages has become a bit intimidating for potential new readers? I'd probably squeal in delight if I discovered a good Nuzlocke with this much content that I haven't read yet, but I suppose not everyone is that way...?

It's also just as natural that you need a break after daily updates for such an amazingly long time! I hope you can regain your spirit, so that your Nuzlocke and other things you liked doing give energy to you again instead of only taking it :)

I've followed the comic since it's earliest days and will continue to do so!
Gonna miss TNC while it's on hiatus, but, as sappy as it sounds, your health and happiness are naturally worth much more!

So, have a nice and refreshing "holiday" :3

(In the meantime, I'm robably gonna take up on BarnOwl's suggestion and read this run all over again :P)

UltraNOVA, July 21st, 2013, 9:03 pm

I take a butt ton of breaks. That, or I'm just naturally lazy... heh.

Anyway, you've been working way too hard on this thing and that will drive you away from the comic, which I certainly do not want. Enjoy your break and I will look forward to September 1st!

Cyphs (Guest), August 12th, 2013, 2:09 pm

Hey I want to say I just found out about this comic yesterday, read through the whole thing and I absolutely love it. I will be checking in for updates whenever and I think its smart that you are taking a break. Posting one comic a day was insane but really impressive and its amazing you went this long without a break. Ill probably end up rereading this comic again real soon. Great job and good luck.

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